From Existing Railroad Stations in New York State
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Railroad City Street Moved Type Use Built Material Trackage Current Railroad Note Photo
Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh Le Roy 63 Lake St No P Business - Dining 1901 Brick In use Rochester & Southern - 29.jpg
Erie Railroad Darien Center 1385 Erie Rd No C Private 1842 Wood In use Norfolk Southern 210.jpg
New York Central Batavia Lehigh Ave No P Railroad 1956 Brick In use CSX - 392.jpg
New York Central Corfu (Now at) 28 Maple Ave Yes F Business Wood n/a Moved from other side of tracks. 993.jpg
New York Central Stafford (now at) 4985 Paradise Rd Yes C Private Wood n/a Located west of East Bethany. 975.jpg
New York Central West Batavia (now at) 9020 Wilkinson Rd Yes F Private Wood n/a - 580.jpg
West Shore Elba Main St & Rt 262 No F Business - Dining Wood Gone - 647.jpg