From Existing Railroad Stations in New York State
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Railroad City Street Moved Type Use Built Material Trackage Current Railroad Note Photo
Erie Railroad Arden No Municipal Wood In use NS/NJ Transit - 194.jpg
Erie Railroad Central Valley Valley Ave No F Wood In use NS - 204.jpg
Erie Railroad Central Valley No P Wood In use NS - 911.jpg
Erie Railroad Chester 19 Winkler Pl No C Historical 1915 Stucco Gone Being restored as a community center/museum. 207.jpg
Erie Railroad Goshen 1 Grand St No C Municipal Brick Gone Joint Erie/L&NE. 215.jpg
Erie Railroad Howells McGinn Rd No F Wood Gone - Missing.jpg
Erie Railroad Middletown James St No P Municipal 1897 Stone Gone Restored. 228.jpg
Erie Railroad Monroe No Business - Dining Original station. Newer station burned in 1970s. 1032.jpg
Erie Railroad Mountainville Station Rd No P Municipal Wood Gone - 229.jpg
Erie Railroad Oxford Oxford Square Rd No Business Concrete Gone - 235.jpg
Erie Railroad Pine Island 628 CR 1 No C Business Wood Gone Behind NAPA store. 238.jpg
Erie Railroad Port Jervis Jersey Ave No P Historical 1892 Brick In use NS Restored. 239.jpg
Erie Railroad Tuxedo Rt 17 No Business In use NS/Metro North Built around 1890. National Register of Historic Places. 247.jpg
Erie Railroad West Cornwall (Enderlin) Station Rd No C Business Wood Gone - 250.jpg
Lehigh & Hudson River East Chester (now at) off CR 13 Yes Historical Wood n/a Moved to site of original L&HR Sugar Loaf depot. Currently being restored. 261.jpg
Lehigh & Hudson River Girarde (now at) 118 Sarah Wells Trail Yes Private Wood n/a - 976.jpg
Lehigh & Hudson River Warwick Railroad Ave No P Business 1893 Stone In use NS/NYS&W - 262.jpg
Middletown & Unionville Middletown 140 E Main St No P Railroad 1871 Wood In use Middletown & New Jersey - 371.jpg
New Haven Maybrook (now at) 99 Jewell St Yes P Private 1889 Wood n/a - 379.jpg
New York Central Walden (now at) Railroad Ave Yes Municipal Wood n/a Norfolk Southern Moved to village park. 574.jpg
New York, Ontario & Western Middletown 141 Wickham Ave No P Business 1893 Brick Not in use Norfolk Southern Damaged by fire February 1, 2004. 618.jpg
West Shore Highland Falls 72 Station Hill No P Private 1880 Wood In use CSX 757.jpg
West Shore Newburgh Water St No C Business 1909 Brick In use CSX Joint with the Erie. Restored. 764.jpg
West Shore West Point No P Private Stone In use CSX Recently renovated. 773.jpg
West Shore West Point No F Private Wood In use CSX - 810.jpg