From Existing Railroad Stations in New York State
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Railroad City Street Moved Type Use Built Material Trackage Current Railroad Note Photo
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Minetto CR 24 No C Private 1910 Brick In use CSX - 171.jpg
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Oswego W. Second & Utica Sts. No F Business 1848 Brick Gone Oldest DL&W station in existance. 177.jpg
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western South Granby (now at) High Banks Dr Yes C Private Wood n/a Covered with aluminum siding. Easy to miss. Missing.jpg
New York Central Altmar (Daysville) (now at) 710 CR 5 Yes C Private Wood n/a Moved to Port Ontario, NY 832.jpg
New York Central Fernwood Yes C Private Wood n/a Now a church. 1052.jpg
New York Central Lacona 11 Park Ave. No P Municipal 1891 Wood In use CSX Heavily modified inside. Purchased by village and will be restored. National Register of Historic Places. 484.jpg
New York Central Lacona Park Ave. No F Business Wood In use CSX - 485.jpg
New York Central Lycoming (now at) CR 1 Yes C Private Wood n/a Moved to Scriba, NY, about 2 miles away. 814.jpg
New York Central Mexico Scenic Ave. No C Business Wood Gone - 505.jpg
New York Central Oswego East 1st & Cayuga Sts. No F Business 1906 Brick Gone - 525.jpg
New York Central Oswego W.First & Utica Sts. No P Business 1903 Brick Gone - 867.jpg
New York, Ontario & Western Central Square Railroad St No P Historical 1902 Wood In use CSX Joint with New York Central. 599.jpg
Syracuse, Lakeshore & Northern Minetto Rt 48 & CR 24 No Business Wood Gone - 876.jpg