From Existing Railroad Stations in New York State
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Railroad City Street Moved Type Use Built Material Trackage Current Railroad Note Photo
Erie Railroad Mt Ivy (Now at) South Mountain Rd Yes Private n/a Originally on Rt 202. Missing.jpg
Erie Railroad New City 41 Demarest Ave No C Business 1875 Wood Gone At the Vanderbilt Lumber Co. Want to move and restore. 906.jpg
Erie Railroad Pearl River Central Ave & S Main St No P Business Brick In use Metro North (NJTransit) - 236.jpg
Erie Railroad Piermont 50 Ash St No P Private 1870 Wood Gone Being restored. 237.jpg
Erie Railroad Spring Valley Main St. No P Railroad Stone In use NJ Transit Second station built. 243.jpg
Erie Railroad Spring Valley 3 Chestnut St No F Business Wood In use NJ Transit - 977.jpg
Erie Railroad Suffern Ramapo Ave No P Railroad 1941 Wood In use MN/NJT/Conrail - 836.jpg
New York & New Jersey Bardonia SR 304 and Bardonia Rd No P Private 1875 Brick Gone Northeast quadrant of road. Tree is where platform was. 1006.jpg
West Shore Congers Burnside Ave. No C Historical Wood In use CSX Restored. 749.jpg
West Shore Haverstraw New Main St & Rt 9W No P Business Brick In use CSX - 755.jpg
West Shore Orangeburg W Highway & Highview Ave No Business 1883 Wood In use CSX Built by the NYO&W for the WS. 766.jpg
West Shore West Haverstraw off Railroad Ave. No F Railroad Wood In use CSX - 847.jpg