From Existing Railroad Stations in New York State
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Railroad City Latitude, Longitude Moved Type Use Built Material Trackage Current Railroad Note Photo
Lehigh Valley Aurora (Now at) 42.749540, -76.701750 Y C Private 1889 Wood n/a Rotated 90 degrees. 263.jpg
Lehigh Valley Owasco Lake Station 42.841427, -76.526672 N C Private 1870 Wood Gone Also called Wyckoff Station. 290.jpg
Lehigh Valley Union Springs 42.842670, -76.696590 N C Municipal 1920 Wood Gone - 295.jpg
New York & Oswego Midland Venice Center 42.737860, -76.557150 N C Municipal 1869 Wood Gone - 644.jpg
New York Central Aurelius (Now at) 42.917607, -76.647580 Y P Private Wood n/a Moved in 1930. Called Relius. 1046.jpg
New York Central Cayuga 42.917807, -76.729840 N C Municipal 1910 Wood In use Finger Lakes Ry - 424.jpg
New York Central Sennett Depot Rd. N Business 1910 Wood In use Finger Lakes Ry - 553.jpg
Rochester, Syracuse & Eastern Port Byron 157 Main St N C Business 1908 Stucco Gone - 691.jpg
Rochester, Syracuse & Eastern Weedsport S. Seneca St. N C Business 1909 Stucco Gone - 695.jpg