St Lawrence

From Existing Railroad Stations in New York State
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Railroad City Latitude, Longitude Moved Type Use Built Material Trackage Current Railroad Note Photo
Canadian National Massena 44.914582,-74.886392 No F - - Wood In use CSX - 1066.jpg
New York Central Backus - Yes Private - Wood n/a - Moved to backyard in Harrisville (Lewis). Missing.jpg
New York Central Canton 44.592368,-75.167827 No P Business - Dining - Brick In use CSX - 416.jpg
New York Central Chaumont 44.067596,-76.129928 No F Business - Wood Gone - - 1068.jpg
New York Central De Kalb Junction 44.505782,-75.273940 No F Business - Wood In use CSX - 439.jpg
New York Central De Kalb Junction 44.503332,-75.288073 Yes P Private - Wood n/a CSX Moved to a farm 1/2 mile from junction. Building was damaged during the move. 839.jpg
New York Central Edwards 44.327643,-75.256547 Yes C Municipal - Wood n/a - - 1037.jpg
New York Central Gouverneur 44.336452,-75.459812 No P Railroad - Brick In use CSX - 460.jpg
New York Central Gouverneur 44.337710,-75.457948 No F Vacant - Wood In use CSX - 808.jpg
New York Central Hammond 44.447896,-75.689267 No C Business - Wood Gone - In Agway complex. 859.jpg
New York Central Hermon 44.466183,-75.235891 No Vacant - Wood Gone - - 470.jpg
New York Central Heuvelton 44.617663,-75.408184 No Private - Wood Gone - - 477.jpg
New York Central Jayville - Yes Private - Wood In use Mohawk, Adirondack & Northern Now a cabin. 1021.jpg
New York Central Kalurah Jayville Rd No Private - Wood In use Mohawk, Adirondack & Northern Roof and trackside wall collapsed. Get your photos now. 1020.jpg
New York Central Ogdensburg 44.694134,-75.499878 No F Business - Dining - Wood Gone - - 1067.jpg
New York Central Potsdam Depot St Yes Business - Dining - Stone In use CSX Just moved slightly for a highway project. 537.jpg
Norwood & St. Lawrence Chase Mills 44.846431,-75.084735 No F Private - Wood Gone - - 656.jpg
Norwood & St. Lawrence Norfolk 44.802848,-74.990604 No P Private 1922 Wood In use New York & Ogdensburg - 657.jpg
Norwood & St. Lawrence Norfolk 44.8027596,-74.9899983 No F Business 1922 Wood In use New York & Ogdensburg - 840.jpg
Norwood & St. Lawrence Waddington 44.870368,-75.188370 Yes F Business - Wood n/a - - 658.jpg
Rutland Lisbon 44.727374,-75.318580 Yes C Historical 9/3/31 Wood In use New York & Ogdensburg - 701.jpg
Rutland Winthrop 44.793795,-74.788690 No F Private - Wood Gone - - 868.jpg