From Existing Railroad Stations in New York State
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Railroad City Latitude, Longitude Moved Type Use Built Material Trackage Current Railroad Note Photo
New York Central Alton 43.203464, -76.983321 No Private Wood In use Ontario Midland Not built/owned by RR but served as station. 966.jpg
New York Central North Rose 43.185240, -76.890100 No Vacant Wood In use Ontario Midland - 519.jpg
New York Central Ontario (now at) 43.25687, -77.30733 Yes F Historical Wood In use Ontario Midland Now at Heritage Square in Ontario. 522.jpg
New York Central Red Creek 43.25191, -76.72083 No C Business Wood Gone - 540.jpg
New York Central Sodus 43.24020, -77.06586 No C Railroad Wood In use Ontario Midland - 558.jpg
New York Central Williamson 43.23428, -77.18860 No C Business Wood In use Ontario Midland - 585.jpg
New York Central Wolcott 43.22395, -76.82136 No C Vacant Wood In use Ontario Midland - 587.jpg
Pennsylvania Railroad Newark 43.045773, -77.086999 No F Business Wood Gone - 668.jpg
Pennsylvania Railroad Newark 43.045250, -77.086814 No P Private Wood Gone - 669.jpg
Rochester & Sodus Bay Fruitland 43.22433, -77.33760 No P Business Wood Gone - 1035.jpg
Rochester & Sodus Bay near East Williamson (now at) 43.231035, -77.109110 Yes P Private Wood Gone - 1045.jpg
Rochester & Sodus Bay Sodus 43.23621, -77.06073 No P Business Wood Gone Same style as Webster 10002.jpg
Rochester & Sodus Bay Wallington 43.222000, -77.012790 No P Business Wood Gone - 888.jpg
Rochester & Sodus Bay Williamson 43.223720, -77.187260 No P Business Block Gone - 880.jpg
Rochester, Syracuse & Eastern Clyde 43.087616, -76.867072 No P Business Stucco Gone - 687.jpg
Rochester, Syracuse & Eastern Lyons 43.063463, -76.990898 No P Business Wood Gone - 690.jpg
Rochester, Syracuse & Eastern Savannah 43.069751, -76.760445 No P Vacant Block Gone 1036.jpg
Rochester, Syracuse & Eastern Stop #22 (Now at) 43.100702, -77.440198 Yes P Municipal 1911 Wood n/a From between Fairport & Macedon on Wilson Rd. Moved to P.L. in Fairport for visitor center. 693.jpg